Adobo Fever

Author Name:    Posted: 07/09/2018 05:10:00 AM
One of the most famous dishes known in the Philippines is adobo. There are two ways in preparing adobo. One is the saucy type that is with garlic, onions, laurel leaves, star anise, black pepper corn, soy sauce and vinegar all mixed together to get the perfect taste of this special dish.

The other one is more on the dry side which is also dominated with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. The aroma is all too familiar to Filipinos that it always takes their minds back to their own kitchens back home in the Philippines.

The two most common types of adobo are the chicken adobo and pork adobo. Though the sauce/recipe is exactly alike, the differences between the chicken and the pork somehow distinctly gives each of these dishes its own identity. But occasionally, both pork and chicken are combined together. When both are put together in such a way, the flavors from both the chicken and the pork makes the dish even more extra special.

This traditional Filipino dish is definitely a signature of Filipino dishes. Loved by Filipinos, adobo has become more and more recognized in many other parts of the world.

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