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About Filstop

About Filstop

Our Purpose

Make Filipino Food available to everyone in the world.

Our Vision

To be the largest retailer of Filipino Food outside of the Philippines.

FilStop offers a small piece of home.

There's is a lot to miss about the Philippines...

  • The miles and miles of stunning coast-land
  • The feeling of the warm sun on your face while your feet sink into the soft sand on the countless beaches
  • The many sights and sounds you associate with home

While we can't offer you everything you miss, we can give you the delicious, authentic Filipino food and the great memories you created around it.

  • The snacks you shared with friends
  • The dinners you spent around the table with family
  • The drinks you've always loved

We hear from you, our customers, everyday about your favorite memories and your favorite foods:

"The holiday season is never complete without Marca Pina Queso de Bola! It's always been a family tradition!!"

"Home sick is not a great feeling out here but having a taste of home definitely helps... Thank you Filstop!"

"This product is definitely unique - I couldn't find it anywhere else!"

We love hearing from our happy customers about how something as simple as a grocery item can bring their family and friends together - whether for an everyday meal or for a special celebration.

Our own family, three sisters and their husbands, came together to start the business back in 1971. We had a humble beginning distributing Filipino goods from a garage, but were soon big enough to open a small store in 1973.

And we haven't looked back since.

FilStop, formerly PhilAm, is now owned by one of the sisters, Florentina Santos, her husband Oliver and their son Erwin Santos.

We continue to grow with Erwin, the next generation in our family, taking the reins of running the day-to-day operations.  And this look to the future is reflected in our new name, FilStop.

It's a new name, but we're the same store you love.

We're so excited to see the many ways we'll continue to be inspired by you, our loyal customers.  And not only inspired, but challenged to keep you happy with the wide selection and excellent customer service we provide.

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FilStop Filipino Food > About FilStop