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Phil-Am Food is now FilStop

New Site & New Name – Same Company You Love!

Goodbye to PhilAm and hello to FilStop.

Yes, we've changed our name.

But we haven't changed the extensive selection of Filipino products you expect from us.

We haven't changed our service.

We haven't changed our location.

And we certainly haven't changed that small piece of home so many of you experience when you purchase a favorite product here at FilStop.

The only thing we've changed is our business name.

Filstop Retail Store Front

“It reflects so much of the incredible growth we've experienced over the past 40 years.”
- Erwin Santos, President

PRESS RELEASE: Phil-Am Food Announces Corporate Rebranding and Name Change to FilStop


Erwin Santos

NEW JERSEY, JANUARY 16, 2017 – Phil-Am Food, an on-line and retail purveyor of Filipino food to customers world-wide, today announced that it has rebranded itself as FilStop. Effective immediately, Phil-Am Food’s website ( has been renamed

Phil-Am Food (now FilStop) was formerly part of Phil-Am Food Mart, Inc., the owner of the original Phil-Am Food retail store located at 683 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. Phil-Am Food Mart, Inc. was founded by three sisters and their husbands in 1973, and later grew to include a bakery and a wholesale division.

In 2002, the retail store, bakery and wholesale division were spun off as their own separate companies, with the retail store going to Phil-Am Merchandising, Inc. (doing business as Phil-Am Food) and the wholesale division going to Phil-Am Trading, Inc. Both the retail and wholesale businesses maintained their use of the Phil-Am brand.

In 2015, after Phil-Am Food experienced several years of astronomical growth with its online Filipino grocery store, it began discussions with the wholesale business Phil-Am Trading, Inc. regarding potential confusion resulting from the use of the Phil-Am name by both companies. Eventually, the two companies reached an agreement under which Phil-Am Trading, Inc. agreed to buy out Phil-Am Food’s rights to the Phil-Am name.

"We've grown from a small family store to a world-wide provider of Filipino food, and we will continue to see exponential growth over the coming years," says FilStop President Erwin Santos. "As we continue to forge a world-wide brand, the name change was important to ensure we were building a brand that was uniquely ours."

When asked what the name change means for customers, Santos says it’s business as usual. "FilStop will continue to provide the best selection of Filipino grocery items and the personal customer service that our retail outlet was built on."

The only difference, says Santos, is that FilStop’s reach is now much larger than the East Coast of the United States, "we’re making Filipino food available to everyone in the world."

FilStop Filipino Food > About FilStop > Press Release: Phil-Am Food is now FilStop