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Angelina Kaong Red 12oz
Delicious Sugar Palm that is perfect for your next meal. Combined with red mung beans, sweet beans, coconut gel, and crushed ice and you've got yourself dessert.
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Nothing beats a colorful macaroni salad or a delectable buko salad as the star of Noche Buena. You can only make one if you have the best, sweet, and colorful ingredients just like Angelina Kaong Red 12oz. It offers sweet red kaong. Kaong is sugar palm fruit. It is sweet, soft, and chewy in texture. The rich red color and its oval shape create curiosity and hunger so it does not just add color to your food and dishes, it also makes sure that what you are preparing is mouth-watering and delicious.

If you are on a tight budget and you have a lot of dishes to prepare for holidays, use Angelina Kaong Red 12oz instead. It is an alternative to cherries or red jellies as you decorate your food creations. It also has a rich red color and sweet taste just like cherries. Red kaong attracts attention and curiosity so rest assured that your food creations will be well-appreciated.

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