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Angelina Kaong Red 24oz
Red jackfruit that is ready to eat and enjoy.
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Christmas is full of colors! It is not just the ambiance, the decorations, but also even foods have lots of colors during the holiday season. To make dishes that are colorful, you need to have ready and available colorful ingredients. That is where Angelina Kaong Red 24oz can help you. It offers sweet red kaong. Kaong is sugar palm fruit. It is sweet, soft, and chewy in texture. The rich red color and its oval shape create curiosity and hunger so it does not just add color to your food and dishes, it also makes sure that what you are preparing is mouth-watering and delicious.

Angelina Kaong Red 24oz is the best alternative for cherries. You can use this red kaong to design your cakes and pastries, a colorful halo-halo cold delights, or some cocktails during parties. It also comes in a large jar so after all the contents are gone, you can reuse the jar into other things.

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