Angelina Nata De Coco 24oz - ANGELINA - Bottled Nata De Coco

Angelina Nata De Coco 24oz
Coconut gel is perfect to bind your favorite dessert.
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Let us enjoy the sweetness of life through the holiday season by sharing wonderful treats with our loved ones especially friends and family. And to help you with that, the amazing and awesome product called Angelina Nata de coco 24 oz is here to give you a hand with the preparation. This lovely and delicious coconut gel is the perfect match for you because it is easy to mix with different famous Filipino desserts like fruit salad, fruit cocktail, bubble tea, drinks, and even Halo-halo. Taste the culture and the richness of the country of the Philippines through its product with a juicy and cheer texture that is just perfect for every age. Your preparation will be hassle-free because it is placed on a clean and clear bottled glass container topped with an easy open cap. Angelina Nata de coco 24 oz is tasty and it is very much appropriate for the season of occasions. So buy your Angelina Nata de coco 24 oz now and share the love!

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