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Angelina Tapioca Red 12oz
Red tapioca pearls are soft and chewy, and goes along well with fruit salads and shakes, as well as pies and cakes. It is in red color, so it really attracts attention.

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Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and victories need special dishes and desserts as people gather and be with the celebrants. During these times, you need high quality ingredients for your special dishes, desserts, and drinks. That is why, you will need a bottle of Angelina Tapioca Red 12oz which offers red tapioca pearls which will surely level up the food and drinks that you will offer to your guests and visitors. These red tapioca pearls blends well with fruit shakes and smoothies. Once you add red pearls on halo-halo, no one could resist its enticing taste. If you put these red pearls on ginataan or sweet dishes with coconut milk, they will definitely love its red color and chewy texture. Angelina Tapioca Red 12oz lets you create different kinds of desserts in just one bottle. If you have more guests, you might add more of these soft and chewy red tapioca pearls.

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