Aroy-d provides a wide range of quality products. Aroy-d’ canned food products include authentic Thai foods, fruits, vegetables, eggs and frozen food products are beverages of Asian fruits and herbs.

Aroy-D Nata De Coco In Lychee Juice 15.3oz
Aroy-D Nata De Coco In Mango Juice 15oz
Aroy-D Nata De Coco In Pineapple Juice 15oz
Aroy-D Nata De Coco In Syrup 15oz
Aroy-D Papaya In Syrup 20oz
Aroy-D Rambutan In Syrup 20oz
Aroy-D Red Curry 14oz
Aroy-D Sapota In Syrup 20oz
Aroy-d Sriracha Chili Sauce 10.2oz
Aroy-D Sriracha Chili Sauce 18oz
Aroy-D Sriracha Chili Sauce 24oz
Aroy-D Sugar Cane In Light Syrup 20oz
Aroy-D Sweet And Sour Sauce 215g
Aroy-D Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken 12.3oz
Aroy-D sweet Chili Sauce For Chicken 32.5oz
Aroy-d Sweet Chilli Sauce For Chicken 33oz
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