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3 Filipino Desserts You Haven’t Heard Of

Posted: 12/12/2016 06:29:00 PM
Learn about 3 delicious Filipino desserts you've likely never heard of.

Must-Try Filipino Deserts for the Holidays from Filstop

‘Tis the season to start exploring some new and exotic desserts. As the holidays get underway, take a moment to learn about some delicious Filipino desserts that you’ve never heard of. At Filstop grocery, we’re unveiling our favorite recipes for this special time of year. From sweet cakes to coconut bliss, delight your friends and your family with these indulgent desserts and stock up on ingredients at Filstop, your neighborhood Filipino grocery store in Jersey City.

Ube-Macapuno Cake

This scrumptious cake is bound to turn heads at your next holiday party. It features a bright purple interior that’s sure to make you smile. It’s made with ube, also known as purple sweet cut yams, blended to perfection with fresh milk, vanilla, and sugar. Top it off with some sweet buttercream frosting, made with evaporated milk and sugar. You can add food coloring to design the ultimate festive treat. Everyone will fall in love with this exotic dessert as soon as you cut the first slice.

Puto Seco (Pilipino Butter Cookies)

Always a great choice, Puto Seco makes for a delicious dessert any time of the day. These butter cookies are light and crunchy, so you won’t get too full if you eat a few before dinner. They pair well with a hot cup of tea or coffee. You don’t need a lot of ingredients to turn this recipe into a reality. They’re made with cream of tartar for a little bit of spice and cornstarch for that crispy texture that you crave. They’re finished in just 17 minutes. Impress your friends and whip up a batch before your next party.

Maja Blanca

The perfect dessert for any holiday affair, maja blanca is a sweet coconut cream cake topped with latik, a name used to describe browned coconut cream curds, that add a little bit of a crunch. It’s served cold for a refreshing bite after a long day tucked away indoors. The name maja blanca refers to the expression, “white delicacy”. In the Philippines, this dish is considered a staple at any holiday meal. It’s usually reserved for special occasions and celebratory events. Add a little culture to your holiday get-together and learn how to make one today.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Your Filipino Food Store Blog > Blog > 3 Filipino Desserts You Haven’t Heard Of