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5 Unexpected Pickled Foods

Author Name:    Posted: 10/17/2011 02:03:48 PM
Most Americans don't know anything about pickling beyond pickles themselves. While pickled cucumbers are the most popular pickled foods in the world, there are plenty of Filipino foods that involve pickled foods you may not expect. If you're a fan of the taste or you just want to try something new, one of these foods may be the perfect treat for you to taste. Here are five unexpected pickled foods to test in your own home.

1 – Pickled Mango

The reason why pickled mango is unexpected is because most people think about mangoes in a sweet context. Here, they are actually sour or salty because of the pickling process. Nevertheless, they can make a pretty tasty treat if you use them in the right recipe. You'll just have to give one a try to see for yourself.

2 – Pickled Papaya

Pickled papaya is similar to mango in terms of the unexpectedness. If you think of papaya as a flavorful fruit, this may give you a different perspective on it. The taste is hard to describe, so just give it a try and see if you'd like it.

3 – Pickled Radishes

Pickled radishes are not quite as unexpected as some of the other foods here, but they still seem strange for those of us who like radishes raw. You may not be able to eat these radishes by themselves, but they can work well with other vegetables.

4 – Pickled Eggs

These are also known as salted eggs in the Philippines. The eggs are soaked in brine, and they are used for flavoring in a variety of Filipino foods. The most common salted eggs come from ducks, but other eggs may be used. The eggs are usually dyed red to distinguish them from other eggs, and they can be pretty tasty if you use them in the right way. Some people say they are too sour, but with the right balance, they can be the perfect touch of flavor for any dish.

5 – Pickled Ram's Testicles

This is not a Filipino tradition, but rather an Icelandic one. In Iceland, they actually pickle ram's testicles in whey to make them into a form of jelly. The result is a meaty, sour food that is somewhat of a delicacy over there. If this doesn't sound appetizing to you, it may be best to stick with Filipino recipes for now.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Your Filipino Food Store Blog > Blog > 5 Unexpected Pickled Foods