A World of Mochi Mayhem

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Ever heard of mochi? Probably not if you lack a love for Asian foods. Mochi is made from rice that is beaten into a paste and then molded into small balls for snacking. Most forms of mochi will be made with some sort of flavoring beyond the rice, but the base of the dish is a rice paste patty. You can use mochi recipes to create these dishes on your own, or you can order mochi that is pre-made so you can eat it right away. It just depends on what you want to do.

The most common mochi snacks you will find in the Philippines will be paired with chocolate. This makes them more like a desert than anything else, and it also makes them perfect for American sweet teeth. You can also find mochi with strawberry, blueberry, mango, and other fruit flavorings, so there is no limit to the range of people this dish reaches out to. If you like sweets in any way, you will probably like mochi.

Mochi is quite universal in Asian culture, and it is used for anything from ice cream to soup and beyond. Many Asian families will use mochi for their New Year's dishes and decorations, although some families just cook with them throughout the year. The next time you throw a party or celebrate a special event in your life, you may think about adding some mochi to the mix.

While most people associate mochi with Japan, it is a traditional Filipino dish as well. Many foods in Asian cultures expand from one country to the next, so it is logical to see a little overlapping in the cuisines. If you are planning to travel to the Philippines sometime soon, you can expect mochi to be on at least one menu that you read over there.

Mochi is cheap, fun to make, and delicious to eat. It is the perfect snack food, and it will store for a long time because it is made from rice. Whether you are looking to expand your snack palette or you just want something to eat from the Philippines, you need to give mochi a try. Check out the selection of mochi on our site for more information.

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