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American Foods with a Filipino Twist

Author Name:    Posted: 08/05/2011 06:18:10 PM
The Filipino culture is a fascinating one, and a lot of Americans are beginning to travel to the Philippines on vacation to get a taste of this fascinating culture for themselves. If you are an American afraid to venture too far out of your homeland, you may be pleased to know that there are a lot of recognizable foods over there that the Filipinos have modified to suit their culture. These hybrid foods are a perfect example of cross-culturalization, and they can help you feel at home in the midst of your travels. Read on to see how you can have a taste of the States in a faraway land.


Americans are literally obsessed with ketchup, and you can find Filipino foods that seem to have this iconic condiment built right into them. The catch is that the Filipino version of ketchup is made with bananas, not tomatoes. The bananas are ground and flavored to taste similar to tomatoes, and the ketchup is colored red to look more like the real deal. You can try a bottle of banana ketchup and see this for yourself.


Spaghetti Sauce

While spaghetti sauce may technically be an Italian creation, it has become a staple in American cuisine as well. In Filipino recipes, the spices used in spaghetti sauce are slightly different than they are in American recipes. You can buy Filipino spaghetti sauce that is already made, but it comes in a bag rather than a glass jar. This is a slight cultural difference, but it makes the sauce easier to ship to your door. This gives you better access to the sauce, even if you are still in America.


Energy Drinks

Energy drinks look and taste different all over the world. In America, products like Red Bull and Monster top the market for providing boosts of energy to college students and workaholics alike. You can actually buy those American drinks in the Philippines, or you could enjoy some Filipino energy drinks for a new flavor kick. Many of these drinks are enriched with vitamins and minerals to give you natural energy without the crash afterward. They may not be the best tasting drinks in the world, but let's face it – no energy drinks are.


These are just some of the many joys of home you could find as an American in the Philippines. If you start exploring your culinary options now, you should have no trouble working into the dining during your travels.

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