Bayanihan Spirit

Author Name:    Posted: 08/12/2018 08:43:00 AM
An amazing tradition, Bayanihan (pronounced buy-uh-nee-hun) is a term used to describe that one-of-a-kind bond of Filipinos when it comes to the spirit of helping others and sacrificing oneself to come to the aid of a Filipino brother or sister in need. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, Bayanihan is usually the best solution.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed somebody else’s help?  Maybe you needed to move a number of furniture from your living room to another part of the house?  Or how about just needing help from your friends in transferring your parents’ stuff because they’re moving to a smaller home?  Let me go a little more extreme.  What if you needed to actually move the ENTIRE HOUSE, from floor to roof and everything in between?

Sounds ridiculous?  Maybe.  And even if moving an entire house really needed to be done, can’t we just hire a company to do that?  You could.  However, let me offer a unique solution—BAYANIHAN. Mention this word to a Filipino, and it doesn’t need any explanation.

The spirit of Bayanihan is alive and well today, even in these modern, sometimes too-individualist, generation. Whether it’s preparing a huge birthday feast for a friend or helping them move to another city, Filipinos are always ready to help! Bayanihan lives on!


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