Benefits of Plants

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When we are happy and stimulated, we are at our most productive.  We may even enjoy being productive at these times and our work is more thorough than when we are not stimulated.  The same is true for our skin.

Our skin has the remarkable ability to rebuild itself after damage, sun exposure and wrinkles.  Our skin wants to rebuild itself so it stays vibrant and healthy.  However, the skin cells need to be stimulated to do this.  When the cells are stimulated, they reproduce more frequently and rapidly.  One of the best skin cell stimulants is plant placenta.

Plant placenta has been used for hundreds of years for the skin.  Why?  Because the amino acids found in plant placenta are comprised of elements that make up cell metabolism.  The amino acids found in plant placenta are extremely similar to the amino acids found in human skin.   So when you use plant placenta on your skin, your skin understands what’s going on and is stimulated.  This skin stimulation helps to rebuild your skin faster than any other method.

This is why several Filipino soaps and body lotions use plant placenta as a key ingredient.  In fact, many of these plant placenta body products can be found on this website.

Benefits of using plant placenta products include:

  • Deep skin regeneration

  • Diminishing of wrinkles and lines, scars and stretch marks

  • Prevention of the appearance of blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc.

  • Long-lasting moisture

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