Calamansi Juice

Author Name:    Posted: 06/23/2011 01:41:05 PM
Its summer time which means its a great time for cool refreshing drinks.  Children all across the country are setting up...Calamansi Juice stands?  Well they might be if this were the Philippines.

Calamansi are small citrus fruits native to the Philippines that have a sweet bitter taste.  Like lemons in the United States, calamansi are juiced for a refreshing cool drink in the hot months.

This sweet bitter fruit is also a great source of vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Phrosphorus.

Calamansi are also squeezed onto meat dishes for a sour kick.  They can also be frozen whole and tossed into your water or fruit drink for a tangy touch.

If you happen to get your hands on this special fruit, here's how to squeeze it fresh;

3 calamansi, cut in half

ice cubes

cold water

sugar or honey

In your favorite glass, squeeze the juice out of each calamansi.  Make sure its seeds don't fall into the glass.  Now add your water and sugar (or honey) and mix together.  Finally add some ice cubes, maybe throw a squeezed slice into your glass and enjoy!

Of course you can enjoy a variety of pre-made calamansi juice here.

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