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Remember when we learned how to make delicious calamansi juice?  Did you try some?  Isn't it delicious?  You may not know this but calamansi is not only delicious, its a very helpful fruit from improving the condition of your skin to cutting the odor of fish.  Want to know more?  Keep reading.  This is sort of like the fruit that keeps on giving.


fruit:  these little sour sweets are packed with vitamin C and juice nicely.  They're also handy to squeeze on any food you desire to give it a sour kick.  If you don't like the odor of cooking fish, squeeze some calamansi on it.  If you're making a marinate, squeeze some calamansi into the marinade for some flavor and vitamins.  Calamansi works well with almost any meal.

face:  If you have a pimple that won't go away, dab a bit of this on it.  If you have a scar, try squeezing some calamansi juice on it.  The acid in the fruit naturally lighten your skin for a more even tone.

body:  Calamansi can be rubbed on your hands to remove dirt and disinfect.  It can be rubbed on the scalp to remove dandruff, it can be squeezed into your bath to remove body odor and can also be squeezed into your hair to increase its volume.

Any fruit with this many benefits and tastes good on ice is OK by me.  Lets all run out and get some!

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