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Different Types of Filipino Rice

Author Name:    Posted: 08/10/2011 01:56:06 AM
There are many different forms of rice in the world, and this is a food that is used heavily in Filipino recipes. Some forms of rice offer different flavors and textures to the foods they are used in, even if they all look relatively the same in the end. If you are planning to prepare some Filipino foods in the near future, you may want to learn about the different kinds of rice you might use. Here is an overview of some of the more common types on the market.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is about as natural as you can get it. It has a nutty flavor to it that is absent from a lot of other rice products, and it is great for people who have health problems, like diabetes. Brown rice is rich in vitamins, and it is more filling than traditional white rice. It does take a little longer to cook, but it works well with many Filipino recipes you may try in the near future.

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is often used to make fried rice because it is a long grain that comes out sticky when it is cooked properly. You can also steam or boil jasmine rice if you do not want to use it in a fried dish. This rice is sometimes known as Siamese rice, and it emits a lovely odor when you cook with it. It can make a potent enough fragrance to get everyone in your family running to the kitchen.

Sweet Rice

Just as the name implies, sweet rice has a sugary taste to it that makes it perfect for many Filipino deserts. It pairs well with many Malaysian dishes as well and has become a vital part of Asian cuisine as a whole. There are several different colors of sweet rice to choose from on the market, and this grain is sometimes known as glutinous rice as well. It is sticky in just about any cooking method you may use, but it tastes great if you know how to work with it.


Most people do not think of flour as a rice related product, but it is. Flour is essentially grains of rice or wheat that have been ground down to a powder formation. The flour can be used in a variety of baking recipes, and there are different forms of it around the world. If you want to cook authentic Filipino food in the future, you are going to need a bag of this around for sure.

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