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Ditch the Peanut Butter and Drink the Jelly Instead…

Author Name:    Posted: 08/15/2011 04:31:05 PM
The concept of drinkable jelly may sound entirely disgusting if you picture the kind that you spread on toast in the morning. Fortunately, drinkable jelly has nothing to do with peanut butter's favorite flavor friend. Jelly drinks are essentially forms of fruit juice or tea that have small gel strips in them. These strips come in an assortment of flavors, and they can provide a unique texture to a drink that you wouldn't be able to find in soda or smoothies. If you have been looking for Filipino foods that can really expand your taste buds, look no further than jelly drinks.

Most people who have seen jelly drinks in restaurants know them in relation to sushi. Bubble tea is a popular Asian drink, and forms of it will involve jellies, depending on what you want to get. Bubble tea is traditionally made with bobas, which are not as flavorful as jellies are. Thus the jellies provide a more noticeable taste if you want to get a big wow in your mouth with every sip.

Jelly drinks cannot be enjoyed through a small straw. The jellies need room to get through. They do not seep much flavor into the drink itself, so you have to actually eat one of the jellies to experience the flavor it provides. You can find small juice packs that have big openings at the top, and they will have jellies mixed in with them. You can also get jellies to add into other drinks if you want, and then you can sip them right in a glass.

The flavor of jellies you use will depend on the drink you want to work them into. Most people will pick two fruit flavors because they complement  each other well, like pineapple juice with mango flavored jellies. You could get a grass drink with jellies as well though, if you want a natural taste. Most of these drinks are full of nutrients because they are made with natural ingredients, so you can actually find health benefits from drinking them. You will likely love them for the taste in the end though.

Jelly drinks are interesting to think about, but they are even more interesting to taste. If you want to experience these Asian thirst quenchers for yourself, you should order some online. Then you can store them right in your fridge to drink whenever you want to.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Your Filipino Food Store Blog > Blog > Ditch the Peanut Butter and Drink the Jelly Instead…