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Author Name:    Posted: 12/16/2011 06:50:04 PM
You probably know that the Philippines is one of the most Eco-conscious countries in the world, did you know it also has a number Eco-conscious schools?  The most Eco-conscious of schools right now is the Camarines Sur National High School.  This highly accredited and nationally recognized schools is devoted to the teaching and practice of sustainability.

What are they up to?

They have a number of national and local programs specifically focused on developing the skills and knowledge of plant life.  They are one of many participants of the War on Waste program; a nationally recognized program to reduce waste and encourage recycling.  The school also excels in academics, sports and the arts.  Want to know more?  Other programs include waste management, an active membership in Project SAVE, and a running several student run organizations that participate in the International Coastal Clean Up.

In 2011 Camarines Sur National High School was named Bicol's most Eco-friendly school.  Its science department is part of the Mt. Isarog preservation by maintaining three hectares of its forest, water and soil.  The Mt. Isarog preservation supports the watershed development project of the Metropolitan Naga Water District.  This water program involves schools, communities and more in efforts to preserve the water in Naga and its surrounding areas.

If you're not yet impressed, the list goes on.  Personally my head was spinning while reading all the accomplishments of this high school.  The Philippines has a great deal of participation in sustainability and this high school is another offering.  If you'd like to learn more about the Camarines Sur National High School, start by visiting their website.

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