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Fizzy Filipino Fountain Drinks

Author Name:    Posted: 09/10/2011 08:14:19 AM
Who doesn't love a good can of soda every now and then? In America, the battle of Coke vs Pepsi has become the staple of fizzy drinking, but they do not have those brands in many other countries. If you plan to travel to the Philippines or you just want to have a taste of it at home, you may want to see what kinds of sodas they have to offer over there. You may be able to find Coke and Pepsi in certain parts of the islands, but that takes the fun out of the adventure. Here are a few Filipino sodas that may expand your culinary mind a little further.


Cali is a Filipino soda manufacturer that makes a variety of sparkling fruit drinks. These drinks basically consist of carbonated water enriched with fruit juice to create a healthy, flavorful, and fizzy drink for consumers to enjoy. The sparkling pineapple juice this company has to offer may be their most popular drink, but they also offer apple juice and other flavors to test out. This is something completely different than what you would find in America.

Hey Song Jelly Sodas

Hey Song jelly sodas are basically sodas that have small strips of gelatin mixed in with them. Most jelly drinks are actually fruit juices or bubble teas that have the jellies inside for flavor and texture, but this is actual carbonated soda. The soda is usually fruit flavored to match the fruit flavor in the jellies, and you can find a range of tastes to try out. If you are looking for a true Filipino soda, this is definitely a drink to look into.


Zesto is comparable to many American soda manufacturers. This company offers root beer and sodas similar to Coke or Pepsi, but it also offers some flavorful sodas that you can only find in Asian countries. Pomelo soda, for instance, is not often sold in the states, although you can order it with us online. This could turn into your favorite drink on hot summer days.

Whatever sort of soda you are into now, you can find something that you would love from the Philippines. Pair these drinks with some actual Filipino foods, and you should be well on your way to creating the perfect culturally diverse meals for you.

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