Here Lies Love

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You're probably familiar with the story of former First Lady Imelda Marcos.  She was the daughter of a professor, turned beauty queen, turned loving wife, turned devoted campaigner, turned successful politician.  She is the first politician ever to be elected as a member of the Philippines legislature in three different locations.  In 1986 she and her husband, President Ferdinand E. Marcos, were forced into exile after an uprising.  They fled to Hawaii and remained in exile until his death on September 28, 1989.  Marcos ran for President in 1992, 1998, and then for House in the second district of Ilocos Norte where she won by 80%.

Upon visiting her husband's embalmed body she uttered the phrase, "here lies love" and requested to have it inscribed on her own tombstone.  This phrase, her life, and disco tech music inspired the concept album and musical composed by Daivd Byrne and Fatboy Slim.

The album was first released in 2007 and was developed for production by the Public Theater in the Fall of 2011.  This album and musical follows the relationship of Imelda Marcos and Estrella Cumpas, who was the woman who took care of her until she went into exile in 1986.  It is an offering of love and interest in where these incredibly powerful people get their inspiration from.  Along with her vast shoe collection, Imelda Marcos was known to enjoy night clubs and dancing.  In David Byrne's own words,
“The story I am interested in is about asking what drives a powerful person—what makes them tick? How do they make and then remake themselves? I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if—as this piece would be principally composed of clubby dance music—one could experience it in a club setting? Could one bring a ‘story’ and a kind of theater to the disco? Was that possible? If so, wouldn’t that be amazing!”

Here is one song called Never So big sung by Sia.

The album celebrates the continued life and heart of Imelda Marcos.  Enjoy.  To learn more about the project visit  There's lots to learn about Imedla Marcos, hopefully this was a good start.



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