History of Spaghetti

Author Name:    Posted: 12/06/2011 05:45:29 PM
There's no doubt about it, spaghetti originated in Italy...or did it?  There are some clues that suggests Marco Polo brought spaghetti noodles to Italy after his travels to China in the 13th century.  There's also traces of spaghetti noodles in Ancient Greek cooking, as well as early Arab recipes, so whats the deal?

The first recorded history of tomatoes combining with spaghetti noodles happened in Italy...so we may be able to credit Italy with its origins.  But without the noodles, there's really no dish.  There is also, of course, the probability that pasta originated in several places at the same time.  There are many inventions where this is true, ice cream, airplanes, the thermometer.  Why not pasta?

So how did pasta get to the Philippines?  Some say it was by way of the United States and others say it was by way of Japan.  Unfortunately, documented history of Filipino food is extremely limited.  We know that adding ketchup to spaghetti sauce is a Japanese touch, and Filipino spaghetti is not complete without some banana ketchup...so there's that.  Wherever and whenever it was invented, we're glad it was.  Check out our deals this week that will help you make this delicious and mysterious recipe.

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