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Today I was (yet again) reading the benefits of papaya soap (exfoliation, acne relief, insect sting pain relief) when I stumbled upon a sweet little video teaching how to make homemade papaya and cucumber soap.  Then I saw the women in the video pouring her soap into holiday themed molds, which got me doing some math:

Holidays approaching + lots of family + not much $$$ = homemade gifts

Wonderful.  Who doesn't like a homemade gift?  Who doesn't like soap?  Who doesn't like papaya?  I couldn't answer any of these questions so papaya soap it is!  I've also recently been fantasizing about getting a log cabin, popping out babies and making my own soap.  Here's to the best out of three!

Note:  This recipe is for the lazy crafts person.  It calls for ready made glycerine (find it at craft stores) and a juicer.  If you'd like to make soap from scratch do it!  This is a great website for soap recipes. In the meantime, we're staying lazy.


Lazy Lady's (or Gentleman's) Soap Recipe

1 cucumber

1 papaya

1 (big) block of glycerine

Vitamin E Oil (optional)

Cucumber prep:  cut off the ends of the cucumber and cut into pieces for juicing.  Juice.

Papaya prep: cut in half, scoop out seeds, cut into pieces for juicing.  Juice.

Cut off chunks of glycerine, put them into a microwave safe container and melt.  Pour in cucumber juice and a dash of vitamin E oil.  Feel free to use any other oils or scents you like.  Repeat in a different container with the papaya.  Pour into silicon mold, scrape off any bubbles, then let dry.  Pop out, and wash up!

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