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How Coffee Differs in the Philippines

Author Name:    Posted: 09/13/2011 09:17:30 AM
Most Americans rely on their morning cup of Joe to give them a boost of energy to start the day. There is a reason why there is literally a Starbucks on every corner in some cities. It is because Americans love coffee in all forms. If you are a coffee drinker yourself, you may think about looking into some Filipino coffee the next time you go for a brew. It could be the best tasting coffee you have ever had. Here are a few differences you may find with this coffee that will ultimately determine if you like it or not.

In many Filipino coffee drinks, you will find sticks of ginseng or cacao to add flavor and nutrients to the coffee. You can certainly find black coffee in the Philippines, but you can also find a nice infusion of natural flavors that are not common in America. For the most part, all we add into coffee here is sugar and cream. They are more creative in the islands. They see coffee as a drink just as much as a shot of energy, so they actually strive to create an enjoyable drink that is meant for more than getting someone through the day. You can taste the quality of the ingredients in every gulp.

Most coffee flavored drinks sold in American convenience stores are sold in glass bottles, but they actually sell coffee in a can over in the Philippines. This makes the coffee great for people on the go, and it is especially great for people who like cold coffee drinks. Ready to drink coffee beverages are made in mocha, latte, and other forms that you may expect from standard coffee drinks. They are just paired differently so they work with the buzzing lifestyles in certain Filipino cultures.

As a whole, you may not see much of a difference between Filipino coffee and American coffee. You can taste the difference though based on the kinds of ingredients used in the coffee over there. It is as if you can actually taste the Philippines in the coffee, but you won't know that until you take a drink for yourself. Check out our inventory of Filipino coffee today.

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