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How They Do Karaoke Night in the Philippines

Author Name:    Posted: 08/29/2011 03:02:30 PM
Most Americans associate karaoke with run down bars and clubs that cater to drunkards who can barely sing. In the Philippines, they look at karaoke a little differently. There it is called "videoke", and it is a much bigger event than it is in America. The next time you want to break out the karaoke machine to jam out, you may want to do it Filipino style.

Filipino karaoke bars are often called karaoke boxes, and they offer large stages for people who want to sing along with their favorite tunes in front of a crowd. The karaoke itself is much like it is in America, but it is held at a higher standard in that country. Most karaoke bars in America will offer karaoke once or twice a week, but in some areas of the Philippines, it is an event that happens every single day. If you love to sing over here, you would love the opportunities you could get in the Philippines.

You don't have to travel over there to get an idea of how Filipino videoke works. You can get a videoke set all for yourself that will give you a chance to sin along with American and Filipino hits just like you would in the Philippines. Many of these machines will come with music already installed, but you may be able to buy or download additional music files to sing along with. Some kits offer just the music, and others come with the mics as well. You will just have to see what works for you.

Make a party out of your videoke night and really get into the spirit of the Philippines. You can learn some new Filipino recipes to cook, or you could order Filipino take out if you don't want to cook. All you need then is a group of people and a videoke machine to get the party started.

Learning about other cultures is always fun, but it is especially enjoyable when you get to sing as you learn. Check out your videoke options and see what you may be singing soon.

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