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How to Send Money to the Philippines

Author Name:    Posted: 09/24/2011 07:19:00 PM
Send money safely and  securely to family or friends in the Philippines.
Do you have family or friends in the Philippines that you need to send money to on a regular basis? It is not safe to send cash through the mail when it has to travel that long of a distance, and most Filipino banks will not cash checks written from American banks. Those that do will charge substantial fees for the cashing. This does not mean that you have no option to send money over there though. You just need to know what program to work with. Uniteller money transfers are the fastest, safest, and most reliable ways to send money to the Philippines and Latin America, and you can do these right through FilStop. Here is how it works…

1 – Purchase a Money Transfer Card

The first thing you have to do is buy a Money Transfer Card. We charge $9.00 for this, but that covers the fees to actually send money through Uniteller over to the Philippines. You can use the same Money Transfer Card for future transactions. You do not have to buy a new one every time.

2 – Give Uniteller Your Information

After you have your transfer card, you will need to talk to Uniteller on the phone to give them your personal information and your beneficiary's personal information. This will establish an account for you in the system that you can use at FilStop and other Uniteller distributors to send money to the Philippines.

3 – Send the Money

Once you have an account in order, we can take the money you need to send to the Philippines. We will need the Money Transfer Card you purchased to do this. We will give you a confirmation receipt for the transaction, and then you can give your beneficiary the folio number so he or she can pick up the money in the Philippines. He or she will need to do this at another Uniteller center there.

Exchange rates change throughout the year, but the way you send money to the Philippines doesn't have to. Take a moment to research the Uniteller program if you have to, and you will see that this is the safest way to get funding over there when you need to. We will protect your financial transactions, just like Uniteller will.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Your Filipino Food Store Blog > Blog > How to Send Money to the Philippines