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Hundred Islands National Park

Author Name:    Posted: 11/10/2011 07:17:51 PM
These groupings of islands in the Philippines are part of the Hundred Islands National Park.  They are 123 islands in Alaminos City, North of Manila.  They were formed over 2 million years ago when sea levels dropped to reveal these mushroomed areas of ancient corals, known as the hundred islands.

This has been one of my favorite places to learn about the Philippines.  These islands look so beautiful and are in the middle of some of the bluest waters on the planet.  Wow.  Some legends say these islands were formed from the tears of giants, others say mermaids lived amongst its shores...both legends that are as mysterious as they are lovely.

There are many clusters of islands, but only three of them have been developed for tourism; Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children's Island.  Lets take a look at Quezon Island.

Isn't she a beauty?  This island was the first proclaimed national park in the Philippines by President Manuel Quezon on January 18, 1940, which where it got its name.  The Quezon Island is the largest of the Hundred Islands National Park, and the most crowded during tourist season.

As far as visiting the area, it looks like you'd be in for an adventure.  Not only would you get a terrific selection of seafood and views, there are a number of kayaks for rent so you can island hop.  I read several travel blogs of people being picked up by boats and doing a tour of the three major islands that way, but the blogs from travelers who rented their own kayaks seemed to have a  better time.  Besides, who doesn't want to kayak in emerald blue waters?  Maybe its because fall is here, or maybe it was just sure luck but I've had a terrific time looking at all of these islands and hope you do too.  Maybe some day we'll see each other on kayaks out there...

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