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Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day! As Filipinos, we celebrate Father's Day with our culture attached to it. It is not just a day to honor them but it is a day where our thoughts go deep into the culture in which we were all raised in. Most of us were raised in a home where our parents sacrificed so much that we can't even comprehend how hard the struggle was for them especially our father.
Author: admin   Posted: 06/17/2018 09:13:00 AM
Filipino-Americans Celebrate Memorial Day
Filipino-Americans Celebrate Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean to a Filipino living in America?  As this holiday symbolizes the bravery and sacrifices of the many souls who went before us just to protect and give this great country its freedom, we equally take part in observing this day even as immigrants.  Filipinos know all to well the cause and effects of making freedom reign as well.


Author: admin   Posted: 05/26/2018 10:08:00 AM
King of Fruits: DURIAN
King of Fruits: DURIAN A fruit that is controversial and exotic in many parts of Southeast Asia, Durian is known as the king of fruits due to its long list of health benefits and its unique smell and flavor.  Some people find the smell of this fruit offensive and yet some, pleasant.  It’s either you love it or hate it.  It is an acquired taste.  Below are lists of benefits that we get from this amazing unique fruit.
Author: admin   Posted: 05/14/2018 06:09:00 AM
Pinoy Halo-Halo Islands
Pinoy Halo-Halo Islands As the hot weather in the Philippines stubbornly remain constant all year round, Filipinos are always cooling themselves down with all sorts of cold drinks, desserts and snacks. But there’s one Filipino dessert signature that tops it all. Halo-Halo (meaning – mixing of various things) is a dessert that certainly cools you down. Not only does it refresh but it is strikingly delicious!
Author: admin   Posted: 05/14/2018 04:24:00 AM
Why Bacon, When You Can Have Filipino Chorizo?
Why Bacon, When You Can Have Filipino Chorizo? In America, we wake up to the smell of good crispy bacon sizzling on a pan.  But does anyone remember how mornings smell like in the Philippines?
Waking up to the smell of chorizo being sautéed perks up the mornings and cause us to jump out of bed and rush to the dining table.   This Filipino sausage (called chorizo in the south and longganisa in the north) is a breakfast staple throughout the country.  It is commonly served with sunny side up eggs and garlic rice (plain rice works as well).  This breakfast combination is so appetizing that it starts the day right.
Author: admin   Posted: 04/05/2018 10:37:00 AM