It's Chicken Tinola!

Author Name:    Posted: 03/24/2018 08:14:00 AM

Not only is this dish healthy but it is also delicious and inexpensive.  Chicken is usually used in this dish.  Ginger, onions, native “sili” (chili) leaves, a small green papaya, garlic, fish sauce (“patis”) are the needed ingredients.

It is easy and quick to prepare this delicious dish.  The chicken is sautéed in oil with slices of ginger, garlic, and onions.  Water and sliced papayas are then added and brought to a boil.  When the ingredients are tender enough, Chili “  sili  ” leaves are mixed into it.  Fish sauce (patis) is an optional side ingredient that can be added as it is served.

This Filipino dish is affordable yet classy in taste.  It is on the list of famous traditional Filipino food.

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