Mañana Habit

Author Name:    Posted: 08/20/2018 09:51:00 PM
The Manaña habit comes from the Spanish word which literally means “tomorrow.”  It’s even close to the Filipino phrase, “Mamaya na,” meaning “Later.”  However, there are some good things that could come out of this.  Mañana habit could be somewhat a variation of patience.  It could be abused, for sure, but it is also a good counterpart in being too hasty.

Selling a product, we wouldn’t start by sharing something unfavorable about it.  If we wanted our country to be attractive to tourists or to encourage balikbayans to return to their homeland, don’t you think we would probably need to be more optimistic?

You’re absolutely right.  However, this isn’t just about promoting the Philippines.  Or helping the Department of Tourism reach its budget quota.  This is about being transparent and honest to the whole world about who we really are.  Even through sharing about a trait that is a negative reflection of our nation—or is it?



In conclusion, more often than not, Mañana habit is counterproductive, that’s very true.  Yet, we continue to hold out hope that in the future, pun intended, this will have a more positive meaning.  And we can begin today!




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