National Flower

Author Name:    Posted: 05/11/2011 03:41:35 PM

The National Flower of the Philippines brings a sense of comfort and pleasant aromas.  This little jasmine flower, which holds the national pride of the Philippines and Indonesia, is the Sampaguita.

Sampaguita is a type of Jasmine Flower native to South and Southeastern Asia.  Its flowers are used for perfume and making tea.  Street vendors often string the flowers together in a lei, crown or corsages.  In fact, several of these photos came from a terrific Filipino blog about Sampaguita vendors.  This blog is touching and wrote more about these vendors and the importance of this flower than I am able to explore.  Check it out here.

According to legend, these little white fragrant flowers started to appear in the Philippines growing off the branches of two large trees in between two neighboring villages.  These villages were at one point, in the midst of a terrible war over land.  Many people were dying and the area became destroyed with conflict.  In the midst of the fighting, two lovers from either village met one night at the border and fell in love.  This is where these tree began to grow.   It is a lovely legend about the power of love amidst the turmoil of war.  Read the full version here.

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