Northern Luzon

Author Name:    Posted: 03/02/2011 03:47:49 PM

Amid the China and Pacific Ocean at the north most tip of the Philippines is Luzon.  Luzon is the largest  island in the Philippines and the fourth largest island in the world.  Divided into eight regions, the two major languages are Kapampangan and Tagalog with a terrain made of  mountains, river, plains and the Bicol Peninsula.

The more north you go into Luzon, the more rugged the land gets and the more simply the people live.  This is why the food of Northern Luzon is characterized by a specialty of cultured fish and steamed or boiled vegetables.  Saluyot is a popular, spinach like vegetable popular amongst the Ilocanos.  When saluyot is steamed, it becomes slimy like okra.  Cultured fish of the region are bangus, gobi, hito and tilapia.  Check this classic Luzon recipe here.  Top your fish and vegetables off with patis and you're eating Luzon.

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