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The Philippines is one of the world’s leading pineapple producers, producing about 1.618 million tons in 2001.

This flowering fruit needs a muggy climate to grow, which is why Southeast Asia is its leading producer.  What’s great about this fruit is how many health benefits you can get from one bite.  Packed with vitamin C and manganese, this fruit can be eaten to aid digestion, treat sore throats, arthritus, gout and acute sinusitis.  Some say that pineapple is a great source of bromelain (which breaks down protein) which lies within the spine of the fruit, which is inedible so… get creative.

The best time to eat pineapple is in between meals.  Pineapple cleans out your system so well that it will take out the nutrients of the other foods you eat it with.   However, when you eat pineapple, by itself, in between meals it aids digestion by clearing out your stomach and intestines.  Pineapple juice is a great marinade, when cooked is a tasty treat and eaten raw is an important healer.  For singers, Pineapples are one of the best restorative fruits for the throat.

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