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Tilapia, or pla-pla, are one of the most cultivated food sources in the Philippines.  If you look into the waters of Laguna de Bay, Tall Lake or Lake Buhi you'll find them filled with tilapia.  As of 2008 the Philippines has been the tilapia capital of the world.

Check out this video to see a small Tilapia farm in the Philippines.

Tilapia can tolerate a wide range of conditions and survives on a low-protein diet.  Maybe this is why tilapia is one of the healthiest food sources.  Tilapia is a high source for protein and low in fat, carbohydrates and calories.  It is also very rich in selenium and B12.  Also in terms of sustainable meat eating, Tilapia is the best there is.  To add to all of its advantages, its also a very simple fish to fry.

In the winter try baked tilapia.

For the summer try fried tilapia.

Or try Inihaw na Tilapia today.

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