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Ok time for a beer and time to munch on your favorite pulutan while you're sippin' away.  Pulutan literally means "something that is picked up".  Pulutan is also enjoyed as an appetizer or sisig (a sour snack).

The most popular pulutan is chicharon.  Check out the recipe for Chicharon Bulaklak here and grab a beer.  Have you had too many pork rinds this month?  Other delicious pulutan options are Atsara, Boiled Peanuts, Empanada or Fried Peanuts, all listed here.

Looking for a beer?  Try San Miguel.  The San Miguel Brewery was established in 1890 in their Manila headquarters and has become one of the largest selling breweries in the world.  San Miguel is one of the top 10 beer brands in the world and the most popular in Southeast Asia.  Check out their beer selection here.

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