Sinking Cathedral

Author Name:    Posted: 12/08/2011 03:42:35 AM
This beautiful and stoic church was built in 1612 by Augustinian friars as a more permanent and stable cathedral in place of the former wooden church that stood in its place.

The St. William Cathedral church is the central church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Laoang, was built to support its rising Christian community of the time, and is known for its sinking bell tower.  Each year, this church's bell tower sinks about one inch, for this reason and more this church is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Laoag City.

Its trusses are made of wood, and the building is a mixture of lime, molasses, stones, gravel and sand.  The church was damaged in 1640, 1706, and 1843.  It is a special and valuable place that is worth visiting during your next trip to the Philippines.

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