Tetra Pak Wallets

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Reusing tetra paks is a part of what keeps the Philippines sustainable, its also a really fun craft.  Since we all know I've been on the lookout for make-your-own holiday gifts I'm very excited about today's post; tetra pak wallets.

Isn't it cute?  Before we get into the really fun stuff (this craft) I wanted to tip my hat again to the Philippines for really mastering the re-use part of sustainability.  Out west we are proud of how much we recycle, but a big part of sustainability is re-use.  Being a consumerist country, we haven't gotten privy with re-use.  Hopefully this craft will be one small step towards re-use for you.  Here we go.

Making your own tetrapak wallet:

Empty tetra pak container: soymilk, orange juice, or soup container that doesn't have a plastic spout.  Half gallons works best.



self adhesive (like velcro)



1.  Rinse out the inside of your container.

2. Release the top and bottom flaps then flatten the carton.

3.  Cut the top and bottom of the container, along its crease lines.  Clean out the inside of the container with soap and water.  Dry.

4.  Find where the box was glued together (there will be a vertical seam on one side of the box, probably the back).  With this side facing up, fold up one third of the box.  Then cut off three sides of the box, leaving one side for the wallet's flap.  It will look like this.

5.  Reinforce rough edges with duct tape.  You should now have the main part of the box, with a little flap at the top, all reinforced with tape.

6.  Fold the main part of the box in half from the bottom (so the bottom of your box meets the bottom crease of the flap).  Connect in the middle with a staple.  Your box should be lookin' like a wallet now.

7.  Stick on the self adhesive.  Add any buttons or detailing you choose.  Put your wallet to use!

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