Tuba ni Lolo

Author Name:    Posted: 12/02/2011 08:01:40 PM

Tuba ni Lolo or Palm wine, is made from aged tree sap that collects in the flowers of palm trees.  The sap collects from the cut flower of a palm tree into a large container and is left to ferment for at least one day.  Once fermented, it becomes palm wine, or tuba, as its called in the Philippines.  The longer its left to ferment, the stronger it becomes.  Once it ferments into a stronger alcohol its called lambanog.

Since the Philippines are plentiful with coconuts, palm wine is very popular.  The first day of fermentation, palm wine is very sweet and low in alcohol content.  As the wine ferments more, it gets stronger.  After five days of fermenting it turns to vinegar.

In order to make palm wine, you must get a coconut flower fresh from a palm tree.  This process is called tapping, and those who do it tappers.  The tappers climb up the palm trees and pull down each fresh flower in order to collect into their containers, or gourds.  Palm wine is also very popular throughout Africa and India.

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