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Watch out Buns - It's Getting Steamy

Author Name:    Posted: 09/29/2011 09:33:48 AM
Steamed buns are popular snacks in many Asian cultures, and they are a prominent Filipino food to try. The buns are made from similar ingredients to standard bread buns, but they are cooked with steam, not with heat from the oven. The result is a slightly sticky, porous bread bun that is usually stuffed with different fillings to create dishes similar to sandwiches. If you have never tried a steamed bun before, you are missing out.

You can buy frozen steamed buns from the Philippines if you do not want to make them on your own. You will need to thaw these out before eating them, and in some cases you may need to do some steaming on your own to get the cooking right. There are many brands and options to choose from, and some of them are already stuffed with creative fillings for you to try. Otherwise, you can get a few Filipino ingredients and experiment with stuffing on your own.

If you want to make the steamed buns on your own, you will need to have a good steamer. We offer an authentic bamboo steamer that you may want to try for a more realistic Filipino experience. As long as you have a steamer in general though, that should suffice for making steamed buns. We have a few steamed bun recipes you can look into for further instructions about the cooking.

Steamed buns can be deep fried for additional flavoring, depending on what they are being paired with. Some people like to eat filled buns with soup or salad, while others like to dip the buns in special dressings. You will have to play around with some different tastes to see what you like, but now you at least know of a different food option to try out.

Steamed buns are classic Filipino foods, and they may act as perfect replacement for other bread items in your current cuisine. It may take some getting used to, but you could find yourself loving the taste of buns cooked with steam. These are healthy, flavorful alternatives to other breads, and they may be perfect for you.

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