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You Will Go Coco-Nuts for Coconut Juice

Author Name:    Posted: 09/15/2011 08:35:54 AM
When you think about drinking juice, the idea of a coconut may never cross your mind. If you have a little Filipino blood in you though, it should. Flipino coconut juice is a fantastic drink that offers nutrients, energy, and intense flavor all in one. If you have never considered drinking something like this, you may want to change your mind.

There are several varieties of coconut juice that you can taste out. Here at FilStop, we offer coconut juice with and without pulp. The juice with pulp tends to be richer in nutrients because more of the coconut is actually maintained in the drink. The only difference is that the texture of the drink changes with the pulp. You can try out each option to see what you prefer, but most people like the pulp once they get used to it.

We also sell coconut juice drinks that have jellies inside, much like what you could find in other juice drinks from the Philippines. The jellies are rich in flavor, and they offer a unique texture that is not found in most American beverages. Most jellies are made to reflect some kind of fruit flavor, and they could be compared to some fruit snacks sold in America. You just have to try them to see what they taste like.

Coconut juice is normally sold in a can or pouch, and it is meant to be refrigerated. You can store it without refrigeration, but it may not taste as good. Coconut juice is very sweet, and some people find it to be a little overpowering. You may think it is the perfect drink for you though. You can pair this drink with other drinks if you want to tone down the sweetness, but most people who like coconuts enough to drink the juice like the taste of it in the end.

Check out our section of coconut juice to see if there is anything that catches your eye. We will gladly send something right to your door. You can find other great Filipino drinks right here as well, so there is no reason for you to go thirsty. We have something from the islands to quench your thirst right away.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Your Filipino Food Store Blog > Blog > You Will Go Coco-Nuts for Coconut Juice