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Buenas Canton 16oz - BUENAS - Canton

Buenas Canton 16oz
Buenas Canton 16oz is made from flour that is why canton noodles are also called flour noodles. They are convenient to use for fast cooking dishes such as the famous pansit canton. Filipinos love to add it to stir fried vegetables and even in delicious soups. Get your Buenas Canton 16oz now and enjoy its goodness.

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Do you want the best product for your family? Then Buenas Canton 16oz is the right match for you. It is a wonderful ingredient to have, to be able to prepare great tasting meals that will keep your stomach full and to give you energy for the whole day! With its yummy flour noodles, it has the richness and the goodness of the pasta with every long yellow strand. Plus, the soft and tender noodles is totally substantial and it can fill you up real good. So if you are a busy person and always have a deadline every now and then, delicious pancit canton by Buenas Canton 16oz will be your partner to accompany you throughout the night. It is good as well on any time of the day. From morning, noon to night and even on rainy and sunny days, Buenas Canton 16oz will never fail nor disappoint you! Order it now, to finish your to-do list and enjoy free time with your family and friends over wonderful food by Buenas Canton 16oz!

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Noodles > Canton > Buenas Canton 16oz