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Buenas Chick Peas 12oz
Chick peas that are sweet and ready to eat. Enjoy them together with other ingredients to get a refreshing halo-halo.
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If you are looking for desserts, try something tropical like Buenas Chick Peas 12oz. Chick peas or garbanzos are soft peas which are boiled together with sugar and is usually for desserts. Chick peas are naturally sweet and soft so it is great as ingredients for halo-halo and desserts. Kids love its soft and sweet taste as it rolls in the mouth for that delightful snack time. Because of its round, pea-size and shape, it is great for food decorations or garnishing dishes and pastries.

You can also drain it and fry it to get crunchy chick peas. Buenas Chick Peas 12oz is not just for the desserts, it is also great for surprising a friend or special someone as you let them feel your love with the sweetness of chick peas. It comes in a bottle so you can always bring it with you in the office, school, or even when you travel. Share the goodness of chick peas anytime, anywhere.

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