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Buenas Misua 8oz - BUENAS - Misua

Buenas Misua 8oz
Whenever you are sick or ill, you lose your appetite because everything taste bland. Good thing there is Buenas Misua 8oz to help you get back your appetite and helps you eat a yummy soup as meal. Buenas Misua 8oz offers noodles that are so thin yet so tasty. It is just so easy to cook, just add vegetables or meat, season with salt or soy sauce and you will have a delicious soup.
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Enjoy cooking a pack of Buenas Misua 8oz and make your free times more fun and meaningful. Treat yourself or your family and friends some warm and mouth-watering soup made of Buenas Misua 8oz. It is silky soup that will tantalize your taste buds since Buenas Misua 8oz is made of thin strands of noodles that were made from wheat flour that is why when cooked, Buenas Misua 8oz absorbs water or soup that is why it produces silky soup. Misua soups are made to give satisfaction in every soup serving. Each spoonful is oozing with yumminess.

To add more excitement, share your misua soup with your friends, officemates, and family members because it is not just the moment that you need to share, you ought to share also great soups and meals to others. Great for barkada sessions, sabado night hangouts with your drinking buddies, and when you just want to spend your idle time alone.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Noodles > Misua > Buenas Misua 8oz