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Buenas Nata De Pina 12oz
Nata de coco with a twist of pineapple. You might ask for more because of the chewy and citrus flavor.
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No enough time to buy and cook ingredients for your kids? Here is your life-saver - Buenas Nata De Pina 12oz. Nata de coco is a well-known sweet ingredients for sweet desserts among Filipinos. Buenas Nata De Pina 12oz is fermented coconut water mixed with pineapple and cut into squares then bottled for preservation. These goodies are great in making fruit salads and refreshing drinks. To make one, just mix these nata de coco to other ingredients such as langka or jackfruit, sugar palm fruit or kaong, coconut sport or macapuno, and different kinds and colors of sweetened beans.

Buenas Nata De Pina 12oz is in a bottled container, so it is better to chill it first before you serve. While you are chilling it, you can prepare other ingredients such as your tall glasses and spoon, crushed ice, creamy milk, and toppings like ice cream, leche flan, and purple yam or ube halaya to have a very delectable, creamy, and mouth-watering halo-halo for your family and friends to enjoy.

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