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Buenas Ube Jam 12oz
This purple yam or ube is in a jar and ready to serve. Use it as toppings for halo-halo or spread for your sandwiches.

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Ube halaya or purple yam is an all-time Filipino favorite snack. You do not have to work hard to get it, just have Buenas Ube Jam 12oz and you will have the best tasting ube jam. This purple delicacy is delicious, mouth-watering, and attractive sweet treat that is suitable not only for kids but for all ages. Ube jam is usually for sandwich spread, toppings for cold halo-halo, flavor for ice-creams together with macapuno or coconut sport, or partnered with keso or cheese for that ube-keso ice cream. So yummy!

Buenas Ube Jam 12oz is cooked and bottled in individual 12oz jar to keep the freshness of the flavor and the sweet smell of ube. This sweet treat is not just for personal use but it is to be shared with people you love to hang out with. The whole bottle could be packed into your bag so you can have it all the time!

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