Filipino Cake

Satisfy everyone's dessert craving with our wide selection of delicious Filipino cakes. We have a flavor for every sweet tooth including chocolate, strawberry, nutty choco, melon, blueberry, vanilla and mocha rage. Take a look through our sweet choices of tasty treats, and don't be surprised if you want one of each!


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Filipino Cake

Who doesn't like Filipino cake? And what's better than getting to eat one of our sweet baked treats?

When you look through the cake choices at FilStop you won't know where to start. Maybe it will be a Regent Panda Cake, or perhaps a Suncrest Fudgee Bar?

These Filipino treats will make you want to eat your dessert first. We have a wide selection to satisfy every sweet tooth including brands such as Jack Jill, Regent, Suncrest and Royal Family. You'll have to try them all to find your favorite. Or maybe you already know your favorite?

But don't just buy them for yourself. It's nice to share so order extra for family and friends. There will be cheers of excitement after dinner when you pull out a variety of cakes for your family to enjoy. And if you have surprise company that stop by, you'll be prepared!

With family and friends trying our selection, you'll soon see which cakes are the favorites.

You can choose from many different flavors such as chocolate, of course, but also strawberry, nutty choco, melon, blueberry, vanilla and mocha rage to name just a few.

So what are you waiting for? Everybody likes cake. Order some today.