Canned Filipino Dessert

Canned dessert makes for an easy way to create your favorite sweet treats. We stock a variety of scrumptious jellies that make a delightful ingredient to add to halo halo or buko pandan. You can even eat it on its own. Scroll through our selection of canned dessert at FilStop.

Canned Dessert

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Chin Chin Green Ai Yu Jelly 19oz
In Stock: 550
1.70 lbs
Price: $1.99
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Chin Chin Grass Jelly 19oz
In Stock: 149
1.70 lbs
Price: $1.99
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Chin Chin Ai Yu Jelly 19oz
In Stock: 110
1.70 lbs
Price: $1.99
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Asian Taste Ai Yu Jelly 19oz
In Stock: 21
1.60 lbs
Price: $1.29
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Chin Chin Almond Jelly 19oz
In Stock: 19
1.70 lbs
Price: $1.99
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Companion Herbal Gelatine 19oz
In Stock: 10
1.60 lbs
Price: $1.59
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Companion Sweet Jade Herbal Jelly 19oz
Low Stock: 7
1.60 lbs
Price: $1.49
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Companion Almond Jelly 20oz
Low Stock: 1
1.60 lbs
Price: $2.29
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Caravelle Green Ai Yu Jelly 19oz
Out of Stock
1.70 lbs
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Canned Filipino Dessert

If it was up to us, we would fill our pantry with canned desserts. What's better than dessert?

What's better is canned dessert. You just have to open the can. And then you eat dessert. Simple and easy. Especially if you've already spent time cooking dinner. Do you really want to spend more time in the kitchen to make dessert? Shouldn't somebody else make it?

With a canned dessert there is no deciding what to prepare. No shopping for ingredients. No arguing about who should do the baking. No spending hours in the kitchen getting everything ready. This is the beauty of canned desserts.

Wouldn't this be nice? So easy too. And your kids will be thrilled to have so many dessert choices in the cupboard.

Of course you can use the canned desserts available at FilStop as an ingredient of your favorite sweet treats too. You don't have to eat it by itself. It makes a great addition to halo halo, buko pandan and many other scrumptious choices.

We carry green jelly, grass jelly, herbal gelatin and almond jelly. There are so many choices. Which dessert will you choose first?

Whatever you decide, place your order for canned desserts at FilStop.