Canned Eggs

Canned quail eggs are a delicious ingredient added to so many of your favorite Filipino recipes including embutido, adobo and kwek kwek. You can order canned eggs from FilStop, so you'll be prepared to cook these tasty dishes whenever you want to make a delicious meal that pleases everyone.

Canned Eggs

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Chaokoh Quail Eggs In Brine 15oz
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1.30 lbs
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Lucia Quail Eggs In Water 15oz
In Stock: 48
1.30 lbs
Price: $2.49 $2.29
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Companion Quail Eggs 15oz
In Stock: 29
1.30 lbs
Price: $2.59
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Oriental Mascot Quail Eggs 15oz
In Stock: 10
1.30 lbs
Price: $2.29
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Aroy-D Quail Eggs In Water 15oz
Out of Stock
1.30 lbs
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Tomei Quail Eggs 15oz
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1.30 lbs
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Canned Eggs

There are so many enjoyable Filipino dishes you can create with canned quail eggs. There is kwek kwek, a scrumptious and savory food. And it's so easy to make. Just open a can of quail eggs, dip them in batter mixture and deep fry. Get some vinegar ready for dipping. Truly delicious. And addictive too.

And don't forget about embutido, a Filipino meatloaf dish. So tasty. Embutido is a crowd pleaser at dinnertime. It can be made with any number of ingredients including beef, sausage, relish, tomato sauce, cheese, bell peppers, onions, and quail eggs of course. This can be served cold or warm.

Quail eggs look similarly to chicken eggs, except smaller. They have a similar texture and taste too.

FilStop carries your familiar brands including Lucia, Asian Taste, Aroy-D, Oriental Mascot and Tomei. And the nice thing about canned eggs is the convenience. They have already been boiled, so there is no extra step for you in the kitchen. You can order several cans to have ready when it's time to make adobo with quail eggs.

So scroll through the selection of canned eggs at FilStop and place your order. Which delicious recipe will you prepare first?