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Cj Vermicelli 8oz - CJ - Sotanghon

Cj Vermicelli 8oz
A home made sotanghon soup for you and your family is always the best thing to have to start your day. Cj Vermicelli 8oz is the best sotanghon noodles that you could use for that best tasting sotanghon soup that your family would always love to have. One pack is enough for a happy and fun-filled soup time with your family.
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In this cool and rainy day, nothing beats a home made soup for you and your family! Have some stock of this Cj Vermicelli 8oz in your kitchen cabinet now! This is a perfect product to grab when you need something that is quick and easy to make. Plus, you can incorporate this into so many quick and easy recipes. From Filipino style soup recipes to other foreign dishes, you can have it in any way you want! Just simply boil some water add your desired ingredients like meatballs, patola, eggs and add this Cj Vermicelli 8oz, then you are good to go! It can be served with a hot rice, fried fish or just simply eat it on its own.

Cj Vermicelli 8oz is very affordable and it fits your budget perfectly. So grab this now to make your meals more enjoyable and delicious with just a short time to prepare.

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FilStop Filipino Food > Groceries > Noodles > Sotanghon > Cj Vermicelli 8oz