Filipino Dried Fish

There's no shortage of choices for dried fish here at FilStop as we offer a large selection. We have to warn you it may be difficult to decide what to try first. Of course, you can order a few and decide later. Try anything from dried anchovies to dried herrin, but don't stop there. We have a lot of options! Place your order for dried fish at FilStop today.

Dried Fish

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Tropics Dried Salted Roundscad (Galunggong) 6oz
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Tropics Frozen Dried Bisugo (Nemipterid) 8oz
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Wei Chuan Dried Anchovy Medium 3.5oz
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Filipino Dried Fish

You've probably noticed that those of us from the Philippines really like fish. You can tell by the many recipes that include fish as a primary ingredient. So it shouldn't be any surprise that FilStop carries a large selection of dried fish.

What's your favorite Filipino dried fish? Whatever it is, you can probably find it here. Just take a look through our selection: danggit, dried double lined fusilier, surgeon fish, herring, baby jeprox, anchovies, dilis, belt fish, shrimp, squid, sardines, mantangbaka and mullet. And that's not even a complete list. We told you we have a large selection.

And there are so many ways to eat and prepare dried fish. You could just open the bag and eat it directly for a quick and tasty snack. Dried fish can also be added to stocks, soups and stews. It adds a huge amount of fantastic flavor. You can also rehydrate dried fish and mix it in to a stir-fry.

And since the fish are dried, they have a long shelf life. You can keep them in your cupboard for the perfect recipe.

We know you'll be impressed with the selection of dried fish at FilStop. Place your order, and you'll be feasting before you know it.